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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice
Jasmine C. Lyon, Executive Director
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Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, RH(AHG)
President:  Laurie Dohmen
President-Elect:  Robert Silver 
Past President: Cynthia Lankenau
Int'l Advisor:  Barbara Fougere
Recording Secretary:  Beth Lambert
Director/Treasurer:  Jasmine Lyon
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We know how quickly things change in our industry...our Practitioner Training Programs are designed to help keep you current.  The more you know, the better you'll be!

Below are the current offerings of the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.
Chinese Herbal Medicine

CIVT1001 Introduction to Veterinary Chinese Medicine

CIVT1003 Getting Started Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine I

CIVT1004 Getting Started Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine II

CIVT1005 Getting Started Veterinary Chinese Herbal Therapeutics

CIVT1006 Foundation Course in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Therapy

CIVT1002 IVAS Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine

Not sure which Chinese Herbal Medicine course is right for you?  Compare courses here.

Western Herbal Medicine

WVHM1001 Essentials of Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine

WVHM1002 Foundation Course in Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine

WVHM1003 Advanced Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine

WVHM1004 Graduate Program In Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Veterinary Acupuncture

Australian IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture Course

Introduction to Veterinary Acupuncture

Integrative Veterinary Medicine

CAVM1001 Principles of Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Bioregulatory Medicine

Natural Animal Health Care

ENVANHLT1 Environmental Animal Health

CANC1001 Certificate of Natural Animal Therapies Consultant

NATHLTH1202 Naturopathic Animal Health Care

NATNUT1012 Natural Animal Nutrition

ANAP1204 Animal Anatomy and Physiology

Nationally Accredited Units of Competency

ACMGAS201A Work in the Animal Care Industry

ACMGAS206A Provide Basic First Aid for Animals

ACMGAS301A Maintain and Monitor Health of Companion Animals

Upcoming Events

International Herb Symposium
June 12th - 14th 2015
Incorporating Herbs in Food Therapy

Wednesday, December 10th at 8 PM ET
Featuring Dr. Constance DiNatale, DVM

Are Thoresen's NY Seminar
April 16th - 19th 2015
Hosted by the NY Complementary & Alternative Veterinary Medical Association

VBMA Annual Herbwalk
at the AHVMA Annual Conference

Educational Programs
VBMA Educational Scholarship
Mentor Program
Practitioner Training Programs
Teleseminar Programs
Eco Tours
Continuing Education

Previous Programs
We're pleased to offer all of our previous teleseminar programs for you to purchase online.
to view available programs and order.
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Laurie Dohmen
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