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Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




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WEDNESDAY December 7th 2016, 8 PM Eastern US Time


IVAS has granted this teleseminar 1.5 CE hours.


Dr. Barbara Fougere presents our next educational teleseminar "The Latest Evidence Base for Veterinary Herbal Medicine". Things have changed, no longer is herbal medicine for animals relegated to tradition alone. A recent review of the published literature reveals a vast treasure chest of science across all species. What is the evidence base, how can we find it and how can we use it in practice to support our practice.


About Dr. Fougere

Barbara started her studies in complementary medicine at university in 1986. Since then she has studied human and veterinary complementary medicine, and is certified in veterinary and human herbal medicine, veterinary acupuncture as well as veterinary chiropractic, veterinary Chinese herbal medicine and veterinary and human homeopathy. She has also explored energy medicine with Reiki and several other lesser known therapies such as prolotherapy, tui na and Chinese food therapy.


Barbara actively participates in industry related associations and committees. She was honored to have held the position of President for the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Association (2003 - 2007), and the International Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association (2003 - 2006). She has also held the position of Policy Council Member for the Australian Veterinary Association when she was an advisor for Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1996-2003).


In addition to being the VBMA international board representative, Barbara is the current president  of IVAS, and a member of Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Nutrition, National Herbalist Association Of Australia (NHAA), and Australian Veterinary Association Chartered (CMAVA).


Barbara has been the inaugural recipient of the AVA Community Service Award for her role in rehoming thousands of dogs and cats through the programs and websites she developed in Australia.


Barbara enjoys sharing her passion for holistic care within the international veterinary community. She has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Canada, India and Sri Lanka and is involved in teaching veterinary Western and Chinese herbal medicine, complementary medicine and holistic nutrition. Her current involvement in CIVT is amazing. She is one of the leaders in both the Chinese Herbal course and the Western Course. This programs are truly wonderful and make learning Herbal medicine easily available to all.


Barbara is the author of two books, Healthy Dogs, A Handbook of Natural Therapies (2003) and Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs (2005), she has also co-authored Veterinary Herbal Medicine with Dr S Wynn (2006) and was an contributing author of Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice (2008).


She has also featured on Television programs such as Harry's Practice, Totally Wild and Creature Features, as well as in Magazines such as New Idea, The Australian Woman's Weekly, and has been published in various Newspaper articles.


Barbara shares her life with her partner Karl and their Burmese Tallulah and Sweet Pea, a lively worm farm, and more than 50 orchids.









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