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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association was established by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG in 2002.  Present VBMA Board Members are listed on the VBMA Board of Directors page.




VBMA Goals


1.  To represent member veterinarians and herbalists as political and professional issues arise

2.  To establish standards of training and herbal training programs and to identify established programs with  the goal of developing or reviewing certification standards and Degree Programs in Herbal Medicine

3.  To support ethical scientific clinical research in herbal veterinary medicine and maintain avenues for exploration of traditional care in veterinary botanical medicine

4.  To explore cultural traditions such as TCM, Greek/western herbalism and Ayurveda for their proper translation to and application in modern day animal conditions and communicate these

5.  To compile databases of existing science; ethnoveterinary medicine advances; and eventually a library online

6.  To liaise with manufacturers so that they have an expert body to advise them on the needs of veterinary herbalists and quality control concerns

7.  To support sustainable environmental, agricultural and husbandry practices




VMBA Purpose


The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association is a group of veterinarians and herbalists dedicated to developing responsible herbal practice by encouraging research and education, strengthening industry relations, keeping herbal tradition alive as a valid information source, and increasing professional acceptance of herbal medicine for animals.




VBMA Bylaws & Related Documents


To view the bylaws of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association, CLICK HERE.

To view the VBMA Constitution, CLICK HERE.

To view our Advisory Board Charter, CLICK HERE.




Certification of Competency


The VBMA seeks to provide animal owners, farmers, and veterinarians with some standard of competency by which to choose a veterinary herbalist. For certification by VBMA, the herbalist must pass a competency examination with a grade of 75%. In addition, the herbalist must submit and have accepted 3 case reports that are publication quality. Veterinarians certified by VBMA will earn the title "Certified Veterinary Herbalist". Non-veterinary herbalists will earn the title "Certified Veterinary Herbalism Educator".


For more information on obtaining your certification, please CLICK HERE.




Webinars are only $70 for our VBMA Members, and you have the option of attending live or viewing a recording.


WEBINAR by Dr. Cindy Lankenau

Heartworm, Fleas, and Ticks, OH MY!! Alternative Strategies!?!

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Recordings of all our past programs are available for purchase HERE.



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VBMA members on our 2016 Domestic EcoTour in Quinault, Washington. Click here to read more about our EcoTours.


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