VBMA WEBINAR: How To Integrate Herbs Into Your Practice

This Practitioner Panel discussion will feature Cynthia Lankenau, Ihor Basko, and Rona Sherebrin, with special guest Jamie Moran joining us for the Q&A session.
Our speakers Ihor Basko, Cynthia Lankenau and Rona Sherebrin will be discussing getting started with Mushrooms, integrating herbs into an Equine practices, and much more. As an added bonus, Jamie Moran will be joining the panel for the Q&A session to discuss how to start using herbs where you’re the only herbal veterinarian in a large practice and your colleagues aren’t on board.
For this roundtable discussion, each speaker will lecture for 20-30 minutes. During each speaker’s lecture time, the other panelists will weigh in on the speaker’s chosen topic. The last 30-35 minutes, during which special guest Jamie Moran will join the panel, will be devoted to an in-depth Q&A with the speakers and the audience.
This is an excellent educational opportunity for veterinarians who are interested in herbal medicine but have yet to begin integrating herbs into their practices, especially at a time when clients are more apt to present the topic as a possible treatment method. As such, for the very first time, we’re giving all our VBMA Members who sign up for this webinar the option to invite one friend or colleague to attend as well…for FREE!

VISIT https://www.vbma.org/vbma-webinar-registration.html TO SIGN UP NOW!

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