VBMA WEBINAR: Medicinal Mushrooms in Veterinary Practice

Medicinal Mushrooms in Veterinary Practice: mechanisms, research and practical applications. 

Thursday February 3rd 2022 8:00 PM Eastern US Time

 1.5 CE units are available for this Webinar via IVAS.

REGISTER HERE: https://www.vbma.org/upcoming-vbma-webinars.html



For our seventeenth webinar Barbara Fougere, BSc BVMS (Hons), BHSc, MODT, MHSc (Herb Med), CVA (IVAS), CVBM, CVCP, CMAVA,will lecture on Medicinal Mushrooms in Veterinary Practice. Only $70 for VBMA Members!



 Medicinal Mushrooms in Veterinary Practice: mechanisms, research and practical applications. 

Every dog magazine says don’t feed dogs mushrooms! Mushrooms are a huge kingdom and yes amanita mushrooms should be off the edible list, but what about medicinal mushrooms?  Join Dr Barbara Fougere in an exploration of seven fungi and their practical application in practice, their actions, indications and safety. Discover fungi that enhance senior pet wellbeing; that support cancer and that support patients with renal and liver disease. And if you studied microbiology…you know the principles already so we will review easy cultivation of mushrooms to grow your own.



 Once you’ve registered, please send any questions you may have for Dr. Fougere about Medicinal Mushrooms via email to communicationscoordinator@vbma.org. Dr. Fougere will answer submitted questions during the webinar presentation.




 Dr Barbara Fougere graduated from Murdoch in 1986. Her integrative practice is in Sydney Australia and she teaches for the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies and lectures on integrative medicine all over the world. She is the current Chair of the American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine and board member of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association. She has been a veterinary herbalist and acupuncturist for more than 20 years, has authored textbooks on herbal medicine and in her spare time enjoys her permaculture garden, herbs, silver-smithing, and menagerie of animals.

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