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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




The VBMA seeks to provide animal owners, farmers, and veterinarians with some standard of competency by which to choose a veterinary herbalist. Veterinarians certified by VBMA will earn the title "Certified Veterinary Herbalist". Non-veterinary herbalists will earn the title "Certified Veterinary Herbalism Educator."


 Certification by the VBMA will require:


  •     Passing the exam (100 - 200 questions) with a grade of at least 70%
  •     Submission of 3 case reports - publication quality, as we will encourage publication for peer review
  •     Donation of at least 10 test questions for future exams


Examination is administered yearly by VBMA. The exam is held every year at the AHVMA conference in the USA, where the VBMA holds their symposium. The 2020 exam will be held in Eugene, Oregon at the conference.  Exam fee is $100.  If you're interested in taking the exam, please email


Study Guide: Veterinary herbalists are certified as possessing a high level of competence, and should be familiar with the science, traditional use, and energetics of herbs. The herbalist should stay abreast of the accumulating research on herbs, particularly studies in companion and food animals. Modern herbalism is indeed becoming a synthesis of many traditions, and since competent herbalists keep up with the emerging literature, it is expected that t here will be some crossover between Western and Chinese herbs in their knowledge. An additional hint to help pass this test is to study where the same or similar plants are used in multiple traditions or systems.


Veterinary herbalists who are certified by VBMA are automatically eligible for consideration as a candidate for diplomate status.



CLICK HERE to download Herbalist Certification Exam Guide.


CLICK HERE to download the Herbalist Certification Exam Application.




Susan Wynn

Barbara Fougere

Cindy Lankenau



Hue Karreman

Rona Sherebrin

Joyce Harman

Laurie Dohmen

Kris August


*have passed the exam and are in the case report

  submission process



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WEBINAR by Dr. Steve Marsden

Hip & Knee Problems - Including CCL Tears, Luxating Patellae &  Displyasia

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The 2020 ACVBM/VBMA Conference took place on October 24th - 25th. You may now purchase access to the conference site, which includes access to recordings of all lectures, notes, chat logs, and interaction with other attendees through 1/31/21




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