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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association currently offers a yearly educational scholarship for veterinary students in the amount of $1000 ($500 per student) in order to promote herbal education.  The funding for this scholarship is donated by one of our incredibly generous VBMA members...many thanks for your support of our mission!  The recipient will also receive a complimentary VBMA membership for the term of one year.


2018 Requirements:

What has turned you on to herbal medicine? How has herbal medicine influenced your course in veterinary school? Have you had a personal experience with herbs (either for yourself or your pet) that first peaked your interest in herbal medicine? Tell us a about yourself and you could win a $500 scholarship to further your herbal education! Spread the word and tell your friends! TWO scholarships will be awarded in 2018!


Simply send your essay to the VBMA office at by 7/15/18 for consideration. The essays will be read and the awards decided by the President and President-Elect of the VBMA. The winning essays will be published in the VBMA journal as well as on the VBMA website. SUBMISSION IS NOW OPEN.


Announcement of Award:

The winning essay will be announced at the VBMA’s annual meeting at the AHVMA convention of that year.


Use of Award Money:

The recipient of the educational scholarship may use their award money for any AHG (American Herbal Guild) event or class by a RH (AHG), and any CIVT, Chi, IVAS, VBMA or equivalent veterinary herbal class. Alternatively, the funds may be used for the purchase of herbal books, VBMA CDs, teleconference registrations or similar educational events. Note: There is no expiration date for monies awarded so you can use it on future continuing education needs!



Printable PDF file containing 2018 VBMA Educational Scholarship info can be found HERE.





2016 - TWO WINNERS!  Erika Ancier, read her essay HERE.  Iina Valkeisenmäki, read her essay HERE.


Margot Mercer, 2014 winner.  Read her essay HERE.



Presentation of 2014 Scholarship to Margo Mercer by VBMA President Laurie Dohmen.


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