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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




The Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association currently offers an annual educational scholarship opportunity, open ONLY to veterinary students, in order to promote herbal education. International vet students with proof of vet school enrollment are encouraged to apply.  This scholarship is funded in part by one of our incredibly generous VBMA members...many thanks for your support!




2021 Essay Topic:




2021 Submission Requirements:

  • Minimum length requirement: 1500 words.
  • Submit your entry online or
  • Download a submission form, fill it out, then send it along with a copy of your student ID to
  • A copy of your student ID MUST be included and your anticipated graduation date MUST be filled out for your application to be considered valid.
  • Any submission sent without a completed application form (online or PDF version) will be considered invalid and will NOT be judged.
  • Deadline for submissions is 7/15/2021.
  • NO late submissions will be accepted.



Award Amounts, Benefits, Selection Criteria, and Essay Publication:

  • The total amount of scholarship funds awarded in 2021 is TBD.
  • Winners will receive free VBMA student membership for the remaining duration of their veterinary school enrollment.
  • Essays will be read and reviewed by the VBMA Board of Directors.
  • Winners are determined by majority vote within 60 days of deadline for submissions.
  • All award-winning essays will be published on the VBMA website.
  • The first-place winning essay will also be published in the Journal of Veterinary Botanical Medicine.



Announcement of Award:

Winners will be announced at the VBMA’s annual meeting.



Funds Distribution and Usage:

  • Monies will be awarded directly to the participant via check, PayPal or wire transfer.
  • Use of funds is restricted to educational expenses such as tuition, books, etcetera.





Webinars are only $70 for our VBMA Members, and you have the option of attending live or viewing a recording.


WEBINAR by Dr. Steve Marsden

Hip & Knee Problems - Including CCL Tears, Luxating Patellae &  Displyasia

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Recordings of all our past programs are available for purchase HERE.





The 2020 ACVBM/VBMA Conference took place on October 24th - 25th. You may now purchase access to the conference site, which includes access to recordings of all lectures, notes, chat logs, and interaction with other attendees through 1/31/21







First Prize, $3000.00



Sarah Scott-Cruz

North Carolina State University.

Read her essay HERE.

My name is Sarah Scott-Cruz. I am currently a Second Year veterinary student at North Carolina State University. I am interested in pursuing a career in wildlife medicine. Although school has looked a little different this year, I am still learning so much and growing in my clinical skills. From pathology to pharmacology, second year encourages us to integrate our knowledge from first year and apply it to cases while continuing to build our foundational understanding of how disease processes work. When I am not studying, you will likely find me rock climbing outside with classmates, hiking with my dog, or caring for turtles presented to Turtle Rescue Team, a student run organization at the CVM. The attached photo shows Redwood, a turtle that was hit by a car. When Redwood arrived, the distal portion of her left hind limb was necrotic and maggot ridden. She also had a fractured carapace. I performed an amputation and shell repair on Redwood. Soon, she will be ready to leave our hospital and stay in the care of a rehabber as she heals. Redwood will ultimately be returned to the location where she was found, reuniting with her home habitat.





Runner Up, $1000.00



Ifteqar Hassan

Chattogram Veterinary and Animal

Sciences University

Read his essay HERE.

I am Ifteqar Hassan pursuing ‘Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine' (DVM) degree from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University  (CVASU) in Bangladesh. Studying veterinary science is a dream coming true as it always amazed me how unique each creature and their behavioural approaches are! The diversity of this profession has always fascinated me to come here leaving many choices I had.  As a  student of Veterinary medicine, we have to comprehend various pre-clinical, Para clinical and clinical subjects as well as some basic course also. Among them, I am enthusiastic towards Pharmacology, Microbiology and public health, pathology,  Medicine and so on. Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia where livestock plays a very important role in our economy as well as food chain.  I expect to be a future researcher  of life science to address the present challenges we have in the field of vet science.





Runner Up, $1000.00



Kristy Herman

Michigan State University

College of Veterinary Medicine.

Read her essay HERE.

I am currently in my 4th year at MSU. My passion is geriatric care and I look forward to offering compassionate palliative and hospice services following graduation, with an emphasis on integrative medicine. I aim to incorporate acupuncture, massage, (hopefully) laser therapy, herbal therapy, nutraceuticals, and more to enhance quality of life at home from a multi-dimensional perspective.






First Prize, $3000.00:

Cheyenne Bone - Oklahoma State University. Read her essay HERE.


Runners-Up, $1000.00 each:

Lillian McKinley – Washington State University. Read her essay HERE.

Alisha Mason – Washington State University. Read her essay HERE.

Jannatul Nyema Nikita - Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh. Read her essay HERE.






First Prize:  Dayna Locitzer, Cornell University, $750.00. Read her essay HERE.

Second Prize:  Rebecca Haber, University of Wisconsin-Madison, $500.00. Read her essay HERE.

Honorable Mention: Ashley Shaw, University of Georgia, $250.00. Read her essay HERE.




2016 - TWO WINNERS!  Erika Ancier, read her essay HERE.  Iina Valkeisenmäki, read her essay HERE.


Margot Mercer, 2014 winner.  Read her essay HERE.


Presentation of 2014 Scholarship to Margo Mercer by VBMA President Laurie Dohmen.



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