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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN



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Mastering the Sense of Taste: For Use by Drs. Basko and DiNatale

Presented on Wednesday 12/5/18.

Online recording coming soon!


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Scheduled Webinar Programs


Wednesday December 5th, 2018, 8:00 PM Eastern US Time


You asked, we listened! Introducing a new, exciting educational format - WEBINARS! Now you'll be able to use your computer to attend and learn. Only $70 for VBMA Members!


For our eighth webinar, Drs. Ihor Basko and Connie DiNatale will be discussing the use of the sense of taste as applied to food therapy and plant identification.






  • in Food Combining for Therapeutic Effects
  • in Plant I.D and Properties


This Webinar will include:

  • the physiology of tasting
  • the use of culinary herbs in recipes
  • what do the tastes signify
  • how to use taste to identify the properties of medicinal plants






Dr. Basko has been practicing holistic veterinary medicine for over 35 years!


A leading authority on holistic animal health, Dr. Basko was one of the first to study the effectiveness of acupuncture in animals at UCLA, and is one of the founders of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association.


He frequently lectures to veterinarians, animal trainers, and animal caretakers on the use of Holistic modalities in Hawaii, North America and Asia, and has published numerous articles, videos, and books on various holistic health care topics.


Basically, he loves learning and is constantly researching, reading, and exploring all kinds of healing modalities to share with his clients and colleagues.


Clients know him as the “easy-going vet, who takes his time with the animals.” And because of his slow and gentle approach, he is often the only vet able to work with extremely sensitive animals (no muzzles or sedatives needed!).


Dr. Basko recognized early on that the best approach to health care was to create an environment that facilitated good energetic health. Thus, his primary care practice on the island of Kauai looks and feels more like a tropical spa than a typical pet hospital, with soft padding for animals to lay on while they receive their treatments, lots of natural sunlight and warmth, and calm music and sounds playing throughout the clinic.


Early Beginnings

Dr. Basko graduated from Michigan State University’s vet med program with a special focus in the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, and bone surgery. His early years in veterinary medicine were spent working in a busy emergency animal hospital in California.


In 1971, he had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the first ever acupuncture study to test the efficacy of holistic modalities on physical ailments in pets (conducted at the University of California, in L.A.).


Since then, Dr. Basko has been devoted to the study and practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, homeopathy, massage, and other alternative therapies for animals.


A Doctor and an Educator

Dr. Basko is also an educator and leading authority on holistic animal health. He is one of the founders of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association. He frequently lectures to veterinarians, animal trainers, and animal caretakers on the use of Holistic modalities in Hawaii, North America and Asia. Aside from lecturing, he has published many magazine articles, chapters in books and journals, has been a guest on numerous TV and radio shows, and has partnered with supplement company Genesis Resources in the development of an herbal and mineral line of products for pets.


"I adopted holistic medicine into my veterinary work because it focuses on the true nature of healing – prevention of chronic disease. Holistic treatments have no side-effects, and combine the best of both traditional veterinary care and alternative therapies." – Dr. Basko







Constance DiNatale is a private practitioner in Winter Park, Florida. She teaches classes on acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbal therapy, holistic topics, and Chinese Food Therapy. She loves to teach classes on Food Therapy where Chinese theory and conventional nutrition are integrated.












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