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Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN






In May of 2006 the VBMA published the first edition of the Journal of Veterinary Botanical Medicine, available for free to VBMA members.  Since then, the Journal has grown and expanded and provided VBMA Members with amazing information that simply can't be found anywhere else, submitted by peers with real-world experience.  The Journal is currently published biannualy, and the support of our advertisers helps make the JVBMA possible.


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CAS Options Provides More Alternatives in Prevention and Treatment of Disease.


By combining NAC with green tea extract, Vitamin C, A, selenium, vitamin E to the Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake and Turkeytail mushrooms, CAS Options provides therapeutic support and functional intervention on many levels: prevents DNA damage and regulates mutated cells, activates the immune system against cancer, improves regeneration and rehabilitation, decreases oxidative stress, and improves organ and liver functions…all in one tablet or chewable! CAS Options offers the veterinarian more alternatives in preventing and treating cancer as well as improving thehealth of aging pets, those with liver disease and other chronic degenerative diseases.


For more information regarding CAS Options visit or call 1-888-628-8783.





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