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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN



Webinars are only $70 for our VBMA Members, and you have the option of attending live or viewing a recording.


Herb Use in Post-Surgical

Rehab & Recovery

by Dr. Janice Huntingford

Recorded 5/16/19 - now available!


Recordings of all our past programs are available for purchase HERE.



The Journal of Veterinary Botanical Medicine is published biannually online and contains a treasure trove of articles, information, recipes, case reports, herbal monographs, event reviews, upcoming events and much more. First published in 2005, our Journals are FREE for all Members.


Not a member? You can purchase copies for only $10 per Journal HERE.





Wednesday July 24th 2019 8:00 PM Eastern US Time


For the very first time, we’ll be holding our annual meeting online.


Why online instead of at AHVMA? Lots of great reasons!


• No need to travel, which means no travel expenses.

• Attend from anywhere - home, office, or on your mobile using the app.

• Provides an opportunity for ALL of our members to participate easily.*

• Q&A feature allows your questions & concerns to be addressed.

• Get ‘personal’ with our presenters via a live feed on your screen.

• Connect with other members using the group chat feature.

• Too busy or can’t make the live session? A recording will be available!




*Minimum internet connection speed is 5 Mbps. Flash enabled browser required.



All meeting-related materials and correspondence will be sent to you via email, including instructions and the invitation link for attending the meeting live. Please add the following email address to your contacts to ensure proper delivery:





We STRONGLY recommend testing the webinar link you were emailed PRIOR to the start of the webinar.


  • Minimum internet connection speed for webinars is 5 Mbps. If your speed is less than 5 Mbps, you may experience delays, poor sound quality and disconnects.
  • You should conduct the test from the device you will be using to view the webinar, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • You will use a web browser to view the webinar if you're using a computer. Make sure your browser supports Flash and that you update Flash if need be before the webinar begins.
  • Tablets and mobile phones require an app download* and installation in order for the webinar to work, and the VBMA cannot guarantee that our webinars will work on anything other than a computer. If you choose to use a tablet or mobile phone and are unable to access the webinar, we will be unable to assist you and refunds will NOT be provided.


When you're ready to join the webinar, turn on your computer speakers (or plug in your headphones to your computer/speakers) and click on the link next to the words VBMA MEETING WEBINAR.



The ‘lobby’ page will load:


You'll hear music and/or nature sounds while you wait until the session begins. MAKE SURE you can hear the hold music/sounds. (If you're testing the link prior to the start of the webinar, simply close the tab or browser window you're using to exit, then click on the link in the previously-sent email again to join the webinar at its scheduled time.) When the moderator and speaker are ready to begin the presentation, you will be admitted to the webinar automatically and your page will 'refresh'.


Once the webinar page loads, a box will pop up:


Simply click OK. DO NOT check the dial in via telephone box.


You'll hear an announcement advising that your passcode has been accepted, and hold music will play until the webinar begins. When it does, all you have to do is's that simple. If at any time you feel as if the audio is difficult to hear, we suggest using headphones/earbuds.





Android Download and Install Instructions:


  • Open the Play Store from your mobile device.
  •  In the search bar type in ‘telspan’.
  •  Select the ‘TelSpanWeb’ app to download.
  •  Tap the ‘Install’ button to install it on your device.
  •  When prompted, accept the access permissions.



iOS Download and Install Instructions:


  • Open the App Store from your device.
  • Tap on ‘Search’ at the bottom.
  • In the search bar type in ‘telspan’.
  • Select the ‘Get’ icon to begin the download.
  • When prompted, confirm the download.





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