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Thank you for registering for the upcoming VBMA Webinar: MASTERING THE SENSE OF TASTE: FOR USE


Webinar Begins: Wednesday December 5th 2018, 8:00 PM Eastern Time




We STRONGLY recommend testing the webinar link you were emailed PRIOR to the start of the webinar. You should conduct the test from the device you will be using to view the seminar, tablet, or mobile phone. Tablets and mobile phones require an app download* and installation in order for the webinar to work, and the VBMA cannot guarantee that our webinars will work on anything other than a computer. If you choose to use a tablet or mobile phone and are unable to access the webinar, we will be unable to assist you and refunds will NOT be provided.


When you're ready to join the webinar, turn on your computer speakers (or plug in your headphones to your computer/speakers) and click on the link next to the words VBMA WEBINAR.


The ‘lobby’ page will load:








































You'll hear music and/or nature sounds while you wait until the session begins. MAKE SURE you can hear the hold music/sounds. (If you're testing the link prior to the start of the webinar, simply close the tab or browser window you're using to exit, then click on the link in the previously-sent email again to join the webinar at its scheduled time.) When the moderator and speaker are ready to begin the presentation, you will be admitted to the webinar automatically and your page will 'refresh'.


Once the webinar page loads, a box will pop up:



































Simply click OK. DO NOT check the dial in via telephone box.


You'll hear an announcement advising that your passcode has been accepted, and hold music will play until the webinar begins. When it does, all you have to do is's that simple. If at any time you feel as if the audio is difficult to hear, we suggest using headphones/earbuds.




Android Download and Install Instructions:


    Open the Play Store from your mobile device.

    In the search bar type in ‘telspan’.

    Select the ‘TelSpanWeb’ app to download.

    Tap the ‘Install’ button to install it on your device.

    When prompted, accept the access permissions.


iOS Download and Install Instructions:


    Open the App Store from your device.

    Tap on ‘Search’ at the bottom.

    In the search bar type in ‘telspan’.

    Select the ‘Get’ icon to begin the download.

    When prompted, confirm the download.






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