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Dedicated to Developing Responsible Herbal Practice

Established in 2002 by Susan Wynn, DVM, CVA, CVCH, AHG, DACVN




The VBMA is thrilled to sponsor the 2017 AHVMA Conference keynote address, Earth, Herbal & Animal Wellness - Where We've Been and What's Next presented by  VBMA Member Greg Tilford. The conference also offers Herbal Veterinary Medicine centric lectures daily, many presented by VBMA Members. Schedules and descriptions appear below, and we hope to see you there!


To register for the 2019 AHVMA Annual Conference, CLICK HERE.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th 2019 - Western Herbal Medicine


8:10 AM to 9:00 AM - Wayside Weeds That Heal I by Greg Tilford

9:10 AM to 10:00 AM - Wayside Weeds That Heal II by Greg Tilford

10:45 AM to 11:35 AM - Ethnomedicine by Laurie Dohmen

2:10 PM to 3:00 PM - Ethnoveterinary Medicine by Laurie Dohmen

3:10 PM to 4:00 PM - Oganoleptics by Laurie Dohmen

4:45 PM to 5:35 PM - Bee Medicine - Honey to Venom by Laurie Dohmen




SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th 2019 - Herbal Medicine


8:10 AM to 9:00 AM - Skin Problems, Diving Deeper I by Ihor Basko

9:10 AM to 10:00 AM - Skin Problems, Diving Deeper II by Ihor Basko

10:45 AM to 11:35 AM - Review of Nutrition & Supplements for Skin by Ihor Basko

11:45 PM to 12:35 PM - Ethnobotany of Cannabis, Legal Landscape, Endocannabinoid System by Gary Richter

2:10 PM to 3:00 PM - Phytocannibinoids, Terpenes & Cannibinomimetrics by Gary Richter

3:10 PM to 4:00 PM - Cannibinoids: Specific Indications & Dosing Guidelines by Gary Richter




MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th 2019 - Herbal Medicine


11:45 PM to 12:35 PM - Phytotherapy for Rabbits by Barbara Fougere







Webinars are only $70 for our VBMA Members, and you have the option of attending live or viewing a recording.


WEBINAR by Dr. Steve Marsden

Hip & Knee Problems - Including CCL Tears, Luxating Patellae &  Displyasia

Missed it? Recording available!


Recordings of all our past programs are available for purchase HERE.



Coming October 2020, in conjunction with the ACVBM Annual Conference at the Graduate Hotel in beautiful downtown Eugene, Oregon. Join us on October 25th for the Mushroom Festival, followed by two days of lectures, and finally our 2020 EcoTour at Belknap Hot Springs 10/28 - 10/30.


Discounted price for VBMA Members!





The 2018 VBMA Annual Meeting will held during the AHVMA Annual Conference in Kissimmee, FL. Date and location information will be posted as soon as it's available. We hope to see you there!



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